Abu Dhabi Manpower Supply (ADMS) is a UAE based ISO 9001 certified Manpower Outsourcing company established in the year 1980 to provide quality personnel to all fields of expertise in the United Arab Emirates. We provide complete recruitment solutions, sourcing and supply of quality staff throughout the UAE.
We are a Government Approved licensed agency that provides manpower under our sponsorship, enabling us to reduce the worries of our clients regarding compensation, insurance, labour law and accommodation for their employees. We provide exclusive and qualified workforce for all sectors like, Oil and Gas, Power, Construction, Marine, Hospitality, Manufacturing and Desalination plant, Information Technology, Logistics, Real Estate, General Trading, and Banking.
A manpower supply agency is involved in providing human capital. It matches skilled workers with organizations that need specialized employees for short- or long-term projects. The manpower supply industry is a sector that offers a workforce, including temporary, contract, or permanent employees, to meet the staffing needs for businesses.
The manpower supply industry is a sector that offers businesses a workforce, including temporary, contract, or permanent employees, to meet their staffing needs. A well-managed manpower supply can improve the efficiency, access to specialized skills, increase in productivity, and cost-effectiveness of a company. Minimize the risk associated with hiring
“Temping” refers to the practice of providing temporary employment solutions. Temping involves hiring individuals on a short-term or temporary basis to fulfill specific roles within an organization. These individuals are typically referred to as “temporary employees” or “temps”. Manpower supply companies often specialize in providing temporary or contract labor to meet the fluctuating demands of businesses. These workers may be employed for specific projects or during peak season
Recruiting is a crucial process for organizations, offering several benefits. It helps to attract top talent, fostering innovation and competitiveness, effective recruitment ensures diversity, enhancing team dynamics and productivity. A well-structured recruitment strategy reduces turnover costs and contributes to long-term success, while a diverse workforce can improve customer relations and drive growth and profitability.
Visa Support involves the provision of assistance by staffing agencies or employers to foreign workers seeking to obtain the essential visas or work permits needed to legally work in a specific country. This support encompasses aiding with visa applications, furnishing necessary documentation, and ensuring adherence to immigration regulations. It plays a vital role in international recruitment, ensuring that workers can lawfully pursue employment opportunities in foreign nations.
There is no bar on the project duration, the requirement can be fulfilled wither it is for a weeks’ time or for 2+ years depending of the type of employees required.
As per the UAE labour laws, we provide visa along with other services including Food, accommodation, transportation, health insurance, and end-of-service benefits to the employees.
It will hardly take 1 to 3 weeks for the mobilization depending on the location and the documentation process.